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Ibrahim Al Khalil Street - P.O. Box  844 – Makkah 21955 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Telephone: + 966 12 534 0000


Fax: + 966 12 536 9285



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Telephone: +966 12 534 0000        


Fax: +966 12 536 9285



Check in time: 16:00 hrs

Check out time: 12:00 noon

Why Makkah Hotels


  • The first brand opened in Makkah with great reputation and high percentage of repeated guests.
  • The Makkah Hotel guests have direct access to holly Haram and shopping mall right from the lobby as well as it is linked to Makkah Towers at joint floor no. 6 and at level B1.
  • The biggest prayer halls (men/woman) with total capacity 20,000 prayer.
  • The hotel have the largest suite in Makkah (450 sq. m.) 4 bedroom suite with include 4 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, 2 seating area and 6 bathrooms.
  • The only hotel that has Helicopter landing site on the roof top
  • Arabic style décor and oriel/window that offer privacy for conservative families.
  • The best Food & Beverage experience.
  • Variety of meal plan options and outlets selections.
  • Variety of room type selection.
  • The most famous & biggest shopping arcade in the area including branded shops, food court, mini market, gift shops, money exchange ... etc.
  • Spacious rooms adjoining.
  • Easy to reach by Car, Bus with multiple entrances and exits to nearby local attractions.
  • Multi-storey car parking easy reach and has access reach from/to Haram
  • Experienced, stable and well trained team members offering high standard level of service.
  • Kids Club available onsite